Dr. Moradi

Psychological Services.

We offers assessment and therapy services that meet the growing needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities.


Diagnostic Evaluations

We offer specialized diagnosis for children and adults with suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disability throughout the lifespan. Diagnostic evaluations follow best practice guidelines and include administration of measures needed to legally defend the diagnoses rendered. Each evaluation with also include specific and individualized treatment planning recommendation.

Individualized Treatment Planning

Parents and clients with developmental disabilities often struggle with securing appropriate services and treatments post diagnosis. Treatments and teaching strategies continually develop in the field of autism research. Moradi Psychological Services stays at the forefront of new clinical, therapeutic, and scientific advances in the field and will provide recommendations regarding the individualized needs of the client throughout the lifespan.

Individualized Mental Health Support Services

Studies have found that young adults (late teen to thirties) with developmental disabilities are more likely to also have been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, such as depression and anxiety than are typically developing people. Mental health professionals often do not have the expertise or comfort to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Managing multiple conditions can make the transition to young adulthood especially difficult for people with autism or other disability. Traditional mental health services often do not address the complex needs of these individuals. Moradi Psychological Services provides a range of individualized services to assist young adults during this transition time. Services are based on an initial assessment and are provided via a team of licensed and non-licensed (pre- and post-doctoral interns) individuals. Services may be provided individually, in small groups in office, in the client’s primary residence or in the community. The assessment would provide individualized goals for:

  • Reduction of depressive and anxiety symptoms.
  • Increasing social competencies
  • Assisting with career preparation and transition support from school to work
  • Increasing executive functioning
  • Increasing independent life skills, including health and safety
  • College coaching

Fees and Insurance:

Most services provided by Moradi Psychological Services are individualized to the client’s needs. Therefore, fees for services will be identified, discussed, and agreed upon prior to service delivery. Individual charges will be determined based on the type and length of services provided. It is expected that full payment by check or cash will be made at the time services are rendered.

Moradi Psychological Services does not accept direct payments from insurance companies. We can provide documentation needed so that you may file claims with your insurance company if requested. We do not guarantee reimbursement through insurance companies. We recommend that you contact your medical insurance provider to determine extent of mental health coverage.